Ar aghaidh le chéile - "Forward Together"

The promotion of the Irish Language is an important aspect of the West Armagh Consortium's aims and objectives. An Teanga Gaeilge has made great strides in Armagh over recent years.

There is a thriving and vibrant Irish speaking community in Armagh. Several groups have been responsible for its promotion and in recent years that promotion has been enhanced with the opening of  An Cultúrlann on the site of the former Fire Station at the Shambles. These premises have brought a number of  groups under the one roof who continue to promote Irish language, music, and culture.  In addition to An Cultúrlann there are several thriving naíscoil  and bunscoile as well  as meanscoil. This has resulted in an ever growing community of Irish speakers and bodes well for the future of the language in Armagh.

The Irish Language is a very important aspect of our culture. Like the other groups mentioned, the West Armagh Consortium is supportive of the promotion of the Irish Language. It is not something to be used in any elitist or divisive manner, it can be and should enjoyed by all.