Ar aghaidh le chéile - "Forward Together"

Following an attempted online scam received by the WAC this morning we would urge people to be vigilant as in a previous instance the scammers targeted people in the locale. It is not clear whether or not the scammers operate on a geographical grid, going through area codes but previously there was a number of individuals targeted within a local area. The scam is similar to the previous one except they are purporting to come from Microsoft this time and not BT. However the result will be the same. You will informed that scammers are:

*Slowing down your computer/laptop.

*If not already on,turn on your machine.

*You cannot see what is going on in the background because they are hiding their activity.

*To see what they are doing, press the windows key and R and it opens up a box bottom left hand corner.

*Then you'll be instructed to insert a lettered code. This allows them to install a programme onto your computer and once that's activated, you have lost control of your computer. You screen will go blank at least at your end but allowing them to access  your files. From there on in it will be a matter of them stalling you with false information and bogus commands with the sole aim of gaining access to your banking details.

If you received such a call do not comply with it. Simply hang up. Genuine service providers do not contact their customers in this manner. Even if you are suspicious do not try to confirm with a number or email address that the caller may give. Go to the service providers verified online site and follow their respective contact procedures and details.