Ar aghaidh le chéile - "Forward Together"

Menssheds is a project specifically designed with men in mind. Operating out of premises at 77 -79 Lower English Street it initially was a project managed by the consortium. It brings men together to instil a sense of camaraderie.

They work on a variety of woodworking projects as well as arts, crafts, and music programmes. The Menssheds Choirs has travelled far wand wide performing for among others, Michael D Higgins the Irish President.

PHOTO 5 Menssheds logo

It is a very socially interactive initiative with the emphasis on social interaction and inclusion rather than timelines. Their motto is ‘Shoulder to shoulder’ a recognition of the way in which most men converse. Men are noted for not opening up face to fact to professional such as counsellors. However, standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ men will open up and discuss a whole host of issues that are important to them. This was very much in mind when the project was started over ten year ago.

Since then the programmes has matured to the level now that the men themselves have taken charge of it and are steering it in the direction that the collectively want it to go.