Ar aghaidh le chéile - "Forward Together"

New Suicide Awareness and Helpline - Papyrus has a 365 day helpline that will be available 24 hours a day. The helpline is free and anonymous and confidential. The only exception to this is if they have an article 2 concern.

CALL HOPELINEUK 0800 068 4141     Papyrus

The helpline is manned by a Multi-Disciplinary Team including counsellors social workers and therapists. The helpline can help anyone having suicidal thoughts and will work with them to put a safety plan in place. The helpline has access to 24 hour language support and interpreters will facilitate a 3 way conversation with anyone in need of support. There is no lower age limit.

The helpline also offers advice to anyone who has concerns for a 3rd party and they can facilitate 3 way conversations if someone is not willing to talk to them directly.

Uniquely they have a professional debrief service for professionals who come into contact with anyone disclosing thoughts of suicide or witness suicide or the aftermath of suicide in the course of their employment with the intention to offer reassurance and advice around their own wellbeing.