What is a men's shed?

A Men's Shed is a friendly and welcoming meeting place where men can come together and undertake a variety of activities. It is open to all men regardless of age, background or ability and is a place where you can share skills and knowledge with others, learn new skills and develop your old ones.

It is a place where men can meet to socialise and have a project to work on whilst contributing to the community. Men can pursue hobbies and interests with great tools or just meet for a chat and have a cup of tea or coffee, read newspapers and find out what is happening in the area.

In the Shed members make and repair small items of furniture, toys, craft items, community projects and do their own personal projects, there are many interesting activities to do – Assembly, painting, sanding, decorating and template making. So why not try something new and come along to the Men's Shed located in the Coppersmith entry, opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm or contact Stephen on Tel: 07763818393.

New members are always welcome!