Ar aghaidh le chéile - "Forward Together"

images/2016/bannerimg_090616.jThe West Armagh Consortium is organising a number of workshops designed to assist its community activists on a number of aspects that will benefit themselves and the group to which they belong.

There will be three distinct sessions.

  1. FUNDING APPLICATIONS. This will be a workshops of three sessions starting Monday 20th June @6.30pm. Tuesday 28th June @ 6.30pm and Monday 18th July @ 6.30pm. This will involve a live funding application that will be following through even after session finish.
  2. FUNDAMENTAL ORGANISATION. A workshop dealing with the basics of organisational management and procedures. 4th July @6.30pm
  3. FACILITY DEVELOPMENT. A workshop focussing the full utilisation of community premises incorporating the use of social enterprises to promote self-sustainability. This will also be a live project designed to assist the selected group. Monday 25th July @6.30pm

All workshops will take place in Sherry’s Field. Groups are encouraged to send along representatives. They will be of benefit both personally and organisationally.