WAC Handyman The West Armagh Consortium has launched its’ handyman scheme. Called An Post Fánach the scheme is part of the West Armagh Consortium’s social enterprise project and we are currently offering the service to all parts of the town. Over the coming week we will be advertising the service.

 An Post Fánach, is a Gaelige phrase that translates into English as The Occasional Job, is an odd job service that the West Armagh Consortium is providing for local communities. Its objective is to provide an affordable and cost   effective handyman service for the local community.

The scheme is a social enterprise project. The objective being to return any profit into the project to further improve and enhance it. It is not a charity, it is a business, and therefore it has to be sustainable.

In line with this, the West Armagh Consortium aims to provide a handyman service that will be   affordable to the community and yet at the same time be self-sufficient to ensure its continual operation.

The number to remember is: 07340 303095