Walkers will complete 7 Hills Walks this Saturday

Armagh Skyline

The 7 Hills Walk Challenge that started in October draws to a close this Saturday. The mythical 7 hills of Armagh will be the course for the final walk and the walkers have been steadily building up the distances covered since the challenge started on the tenth of October.Congratulations to all who took part and it has been noted that several walkers have taken up walking outside the challenge.The Consortium will be revisiting the subject in the new year and it is hoped that we can build on the fantastic work that has already been done. The Consortium would like to thank Mr.John Fields who took on the mantle of guide and instructor. The walk will finish with a meal in the appropriately named Seven Hills Café


Merry Christmas Armagh

The West Armagh Consortium has joined forces with the Pearse Og Social Club to host a Christmas party for pensioners in the town. The party will take place in the Pearse Og Social Club on Friday 15th December at 8.00pm. There will be live music, food and craic as well as numerous  spot prizes. Transport will be provided  too and from the party if needed. Could community reps draw up list of pensioners from their who wish to attend. Alternatively any pensioner reading this who wants to attend can simply contact their local community rep or phone 07759949314. This will facilitate collection points and times.

Child Protection Course

For the attention of local community based groups. WAC are compiling a list for a Safeguarding Children Course  (Child Protection Course). The consortium is working with the Southern Health Trust who will be providing the approved facilitators. Anyone interested in taking this course can contact the consortium at 07759949314 or their local community representative who can pass the request on. Safeguarding Children Courses are a must for anyone working with children. The certificate awarded at the end of the course will be requested by employers or funders. No date for the course has been set and will depend  on demand. For more information on the course contact Stephen 07759949314.

There are a number of other courses available  including Adult Safeguarding Awareness. These courses are valuable to community groups are being delivered free of charge. 

West Armagh Consortium AGM elects new chairperson

West Armagh Consortium AGM- new chairpeson
Fiona Kelly - new chairperson of West Armagh Consortium

The West Armagh Consortium held its annual general meeting last week. Following the yearly reports a new committee was elected with Mrs. Fiona Kelly getting elected as chairperson. Fiona is the first female chair of the consortium and will bring a wealth of experience to the role. Previously she held the position of chairperson on the Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership Board. She held that position for several years. Fiona has also been involved with St.Patrick's Park Residents Group for many years.

Mr.Kevin Fields was elected into the secretary’s position. Kevin also serves on Callanbridge and Legar hill Residents Association and has represented that group on the consortium for several years.

There was no change in the treasurer’s post with Mrs Pauline Quigley getting re-elected to the role. Pauline has held the post now for three years  and enjoys the confidence and support of the consortium committee.

The AGM comes at an exciting time in the consortium. As previously reported the consortium was successful in a Big Lottery application for a resource and programmes costs to be based at our offices in Sherrys Sports Complex. The awarded amount to just under £200,000 and will be a three years project.


The West Armagh Consortium will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 26th October at 7.00pm  in our offices at Cathedral Road. All members of our constituent  groups are entitled to attend and we would encourage their representatives who sit on our committee to encourage them to do so. 


LOGOThe Big Lottery announced today that The West Armagh Consortium have been successful in their application to People and Communities strand of funding. The consortium is delighted with the award that amounts to almost £197,000 investment in local community. Below is how the Big Lottery made the announcement on their own website earlier today.
'West Armagh Consortium is working with eight local community groups on the three-year West Armagh Community Support and Development Project. They are using a £196,801 grant to employ a manager to coordinate a joint activity programme with all the groups including, action planning workshops, a volunteer programme, marketing activities, health and wellbeing activities, a youth programme, older people’s activities, and intercultural events. The project has been designed and developed by local people involved with each of the groups that are working together on this project: Callan Street Residents Group; Drumarg Community Association; Mullacreevie Residents Association; Drumbreda/St.Brigid’s Hill Residents Association; Callanbridge/Legar Hill Park Residents Association; Association of Bulgarian Culture and Education; St Patricks Park Residents Association; and Westenders Senior Citizens Group.'

The project will be based that our premises at Cathedral Road and speaking on the announcement consortium chairman Stephen Fields said, “The award from Big Lottery is a major financial boost for the community in West Armagh. It will enable us to provide a much needed resource that will be for the benefit of local groups. In addition to the resource programme costs have been awarded also. We look forward to delivering the project that will benefit local people.”
The West Armagh Consortium was among a number of groups that received funding from the Big Lottery Fund. Julie Harrison ,Big Lottery Fund NI Chair, said, “We want to fund great projects with local people, build on a community’s strengths, and we are well connected to other services and activities in the community.
“We look forward to seeing the positive impact these projects will make to people and communities across Northern Ireland “

West Armagh Community Festival Gets Underway

Peter Corrigan Quiz Kicks Off Festival


The West Armagh Community Festival kicked off with the Peter Corrigan Quiz in Devlins Bar on Friday 4th. The competition was won by the Station Bar Team and all congratulations to them this was the first year that there were monetary prizes and in fairness to both the winning and runner up teams they donated the majority of their winnings to the sponsored run/walk in aid of the Callan Street Explosion Memorial and P.I.P.S.
The Marie Smyth Ladies Road Bowls took place on Monday night and was preceded by the first day of the summer camp for 7-11 year olds. Images from the various events throughout the week will be updated to this site.


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Summer Camp Schedule

Summer Camp Schedule 2017

Parents with children attending next weeks summer camp as part of the West Armagh Community festival should take note off the above schedule.As can be seen there is a full week of activities.


Groups looking to organise youth activities over the coming summer should note that efforts are afoot to help with the cost of running of programmes such as youth/children/family activities (summer scheme/outings/fun day etc.) To date two meetings have been held to assist community volunteers with  information on possible funders, funding applications, deadlines and other general information. While some groups have availed of these information sessions, unfortunately not all have been involved in the update.

Community groups will be well aware of the shortfall in funding for community projects therefore it is essential that groups send representatives to such meetings. Summer activities in respective areas will not take place without the necessary funding and while these sessions cannot guarantee funding they will at least arm community groups will all the necessary facts.

Bulgarian Parliament elections,26 March 2017


The West Armagh Consortium's hall was the venue again for the last round in the Bulgarian Parliamentary Elections that took place on Sunday 26th March 2017. As with the pervious rounds of election that took place last November, many members of the Bulgarian community took good advantage of the ability to cast their vote here and did so.  

Officiating at the Polling Station for the Bulgarian Elections.

Stage for hire

The West Armagh Consortium recently purchased a small stage that is available to groups to hire out. The stage is 8ft X12Ft and 18" high complete with step. Suitable for small presentations such as a  dancing display. Reversible hard wood and padded surface. Completely  portable and easy to assemble and transport. Transportation of stage is available as well.  

Small stage 8tfX12ft X18

Contact the consortium through the usual numbers: Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07759949314



Although very overcast the annual St. Patricks Day parade in Armagh managed to avoid any downpours. As with previous years large crowds turned out to line the route of the parade as it made its way from the Palace Grounds to Cathedral Road, finishing off at Sherry Sports Complex. Even though the weather lacked brightness the floats certainly made up for it. Of course the parade was only one item on the schedule organised by the local councils in Armagh and Down to celebrate the patrons saints day and a full programme was published beginning on March 3rd and running until 19th March.

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The Westenders group are hosting a FREE health event on Wednesday 22nd March in the main hall, Cathedral Road Recreation Centre, Armagh from 1.30pm – 4.30pm. The event will include lunch, speakers on falls prevention, a local pharmacist and some physical activity taster sessions.

The Action Cancer Big Bus will also be available on the day from 9.30am – 3.30pm. They will be providing 23 breast screening appointments (for ladies aged 40 - 49 yrs and 70+ yrs) and 13 health checks (for anyone aged 16yrs +). If anyone is interested in the breast screening and/or health checks please book an appointment ASAP with Action Cancer Tel: 9080 3344 and quote ref: QBE-1070.


cancer bus at sherry field

The Westenders group are hosting a FREE health event on Wednesday 22nd March in the main hall, Cathedral Road Recreation Centre, Armagh from 1.30pm – 4.30pm. The event will include lunch,  speakers on falls prevention, a local pharmacist and some physical activity taster sessions.

The Action Cancer Big Bus will also be available on the day from 9.30am  – 3.30pm. They will be providing 23 breast screening appointments (for ladies aged 40 - 49 yrs and 70+ yrs) and 13 health checks (for anyone aged 16yrs +).  If anyone is interested in the breast screening and/or health checks please book an appointment ASAP with Action Cancer Tel: 9080 3344 and quote ref: QBE-1070.


Cross Cultural Event 16th Feb 2017

The third event in our joint cross cultural event with Hartford Community Development and Cultural Group took place last  Thursday 16th February. The last event consisted of a night of music and drama readings and The Market Place Theatre was the venue. The Lord Mayor ,Garath Keating officiated at the event that saw a mixture of song and reading throughout the evening.

Aghavilly Accordian Band 16th Feb 2017

Stephen Fields from West Armagh Consortium was MC for the night introducing the singers and readings that took place alternatively. Music in the first half  was provided by Eoin Kelly, Aiden Prunty and Pat Prunty. During the second half the audience were entertained by the Aghavilly Accordian band. The reading were delivered by members of the Armagh Theatre Group. Speaking on behalf of the Hartford Community Development and Cultural Association, Mr.John Doogqn thanked all who had attended both the nights event and the previous two events that were held in the West Armagh Consortium's hall at Sherry's and the Orange Hall respectively.


There will be an orienteering event during the international road race weekend.  The organisers have asked WAC to pass information to  community groups. Reps should be on the look out for the orienteering stations as they will be in areas in the west of the city.
Some top internationals from the sport of orienteering will race in the parks and streets of Armagh next weekend, with the west of the city seeing plenty of the action. Participants from 10 countries, as well as a range of local orienteers of different ages, are taking part in:
-        a night race on Friday;
-        2 sprint races on Saturday (finishing at Sherry’s Field);
-        an urban race throughout the city centre on Sunday morning.
Orienteering is a individual time-trial race where competitors have to decide on their route between control points using specially-designed maps. For the best, it means having to think on the move at speed; for the rest of us, it just means trying to complete the course as fast as you can! Beginning in Scandinavia, it remains an important sport there, with major events receiving live TV coverage. The races traditionally take place in forests and mountains but in recent years the urban and sprint versions have developed. There will be control points placed at various locations in the Navan St / Callan St / Windmill Hill area for both the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning events but no-one will know which controls are on their course until they lift their map at the start.
The Friday and Saturday races were pre-entry but if you think you know Armagh better than the visitors, why not come along early on Sunday to the rugby club, beside the city hotel, and give it a try? There are courses for u-16s within the palace demesne and for various distances throughout the city’s streets for over 16s. Starts are available 9.00-10.00am. See niorienteering.org.uk for more details and contact us on Facebook if you have any questions.
The event is open to all and anyone interested in taking part simply need to turn up at the rugby club grounds from 8.00 until 9.30am, there will be someone to help out with entering. Race starts are from 9.00 until 10.00. Entry fee is £8, or £5 at concession rate, and an electronic chip (£1 to hire) is also needed. Then follow tapes to the correct start area nearby (the over 16s and under 16s starts are different). The finish is back next to the rugby club for all courses.



Second Event In Armagh Through Diverse Eyes

Cross Cultural Event 030217
John Doogan( HCD&CA)-Quincey Dougan- Roddy Hegarty- Stephen Fields (WAC)

The second event in the Armagh Through Diverse Eyes programme took place in Armagh Orange Hall on Friday 3rd February. The topics for discussion were The Orange Order and The GAA. The speakers Mr.Quncey Dougan and Mr.Roddy Hegarty and  spoke on the topics respectively to an audience of around forty people. There was a brisk engagement during the discussion periods of the evening and all involved agreed that the night was very informative. The third event in the programme takes place on Thursday 16th February in The Market Place. It will be a evening of music and period piece readings. The entrance is free and all are welcome. 

Orange Hall event 030217
Audience at second event in Armagh Diverse Eyes held in Armagh Orange Hall.

Mindfulness for Carers programme

Are you a carer of a family member or friend? Then this might be for you .
Commencing Tuesday 7th February 2017 from 6.30pm – 7.30pm for 8 weeks in the Committee Room, Cathedral Road Recreation Centre, Armagh (Sherry’s Field). To book a place contact Tracey Powell Tel: 3741 2754 or 3756 4495. Or Stephen 07759949314.
Phone to book a place . Places are limited. So what is the Mindfulness For Carers Programme?

What is Mindfulness

Interest in mindfulness is growing, people are seeking ways to cope with the challenges and complexities of their lives.

Mindfulness Meditation can be used by carers to help them become more in control and feel the effects by:

  • Helping to reduce stress
  • Helping to reduce anxiety
  • Being able to think positively

Also impacts our physical body by helping to improve the immune system

 Topics covered:

 Introduction to Mindfulness

 Understanding the Mind

 Appreciation

 Awareness of Self

 Self-Talk

 Befriending yourself

 Re-balancing your life

First Event In Armagh Through Diverse Eyes at Sherrys

Armagh Through Diverse Eyes

The first of our three sessions in the joint programme Armagh Through Diverse Eyes took place in Sherry’s Field Sports Complex last Friday 20th January. The project is a joint venture by the West Armagh Consortium (based at Sherry’s) and Hartford Community Development and Cultural Association (based in Armagh Orange Hall.)

Armagh Through Diverse Eyes
Mr.Quincey Dougan who delivered the talk on the UVF

Around forty people heard two talks on two contrasting topics, The Ulster Volunteer Force and the Irish Volunteers with special emphasis on local connections to both organisations. Mr. Qunicey Dougan delivered the talk on the UVF while Mr. Roddy Hegarty delivered the talk on the Irish Volunteers. Both talks were followed by a brief question and answer session and the night finished off with an informal chats over cups of tea and coffee.

Armagh Through Diverse Eyes
Mr.Roddy Hegarty who delivered the talk on the Irish Volunteers

The second event in the programme takes place on Friday 3rd February in Armagh Orange Hall at 7.00pm. The topics up for discussion will be the Orange Order and the GAA and both men who are local historians will be delivering the talks. All are welcome.



Over the holiday period it has been noted that the Callan Street Sherry’s Field area was relatively quiet in comparison to normal periods. Local residents have welcomed this but remain cautious and concerns have been expressed that this might be more to do with the recent publicity and increase in PSNI patrols than a genuine concern for the onslaught residents have had to thus far endure.
Community representatives have also added that they will continue to press the relevant authorities to follow through on action discussed at previous meetings. The issue of the weekly assault on the local community and the wanton destruction of leisure facilities is something that they are determined to tackle.


Armagh Through Diverse Eyes is a joint project The West Armagh Consortium and Hartford Community Development and Cultural Association who have organised a series of cross community cultural events scheduled to take place early in 2017. There will be three events beginning on Friday 20th January 2017 and covering a number of topics. The topics to be covered include the Ulster Volunteer Force, Irish Volunteers, Gaelic Athletic Association, Orange Order and local poverty.


The event kicks off on Friday 20th January 2017 with two talks on the subjects of the UVF and Irish Volunteers with a particular emphasis on local involvement in these groups. The venue for these talks will be the West Armagh Consortium’s function hall at Sherry’s Field Sports Complex. The format will be a series of talks delivered b y Mr. Quincey Dougan, Mr. Roddy Hegarty and Mrs. Mary McVeigh. On the first night Mr. Quincey Dougan will deliver a talk on the UVF with Mr.Roddy Hegarty delivering the talk on the Irish Volunteers. A talk will be delivered by Mrs. Mary McVeigh on the subject of poverty in working class areas and how this adversity did not discriminate.

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The aftermath of a weekend party at Sherrys

Vandalism or anti-social behaviour, whatever people like to call it has always been a problem in Armagh. However, most would agree that with the increase in drug abuse that the level of vandalism and the destructiveness of those involved has sadly increased.

Over the years different locations have come to the fore and the residents living in these areas have borne the brunt of the activities of young people high on drink, drugs and more increasingly now both. Areas like ‘the tunnel’, ‘college field’, ‘Callan River Footbridge’ are but three to mention. Added to this list has to be Sherry’s Field Sports Complex where for several years now there has been an ongoing problem with vandalism and general anti-social behaviour. This has steadily grown to the extent now where local residents are literally at their wits end over it. Weekend parties lasting into the early hours, underage drinking, drug taking and drug sellers, destruction of property, increased noise levels and physical attacks are a regular fact of life in this area.

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Come along to the G.C.S.E. Irish Tuition Classes in the WAC Office Wednesdays at 3.45pm
Starting Wednesday 16th November 2016..Tuition class is free


S.P.R.I.N.G Football Tournament will begin on Monday 14th November 2016 at Sherry Field. The tournament will consist of 7 aside teams with ages ranging from 14 - 17 year olds. Contact S.P.R.I.N.G on 02837511611



A reminder to everyone who has signed up for the Pre-Christmas Boot Camp. Sessions begin tomorrow Tuesday 1st November. 6.45am for the morning session and 8.00pm for the evening session.



The second round of the Bulgarian Election took place last  Sunday 13th November. The only Polling Station in the north was again located at our premises on the Cathedral Road.Polling doors opened at 7.00am and closed at  8.00pm. There was a high number of Bulgarian nationals who, last week, took the opportunity cast their vote. However, unlike last week ,the second round of voting  only focused on the Presidential Election. The votes from the referendum having already been collated.


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