Easter Parade Armagh CityEaster sees what is referred to as the start of the marching season, although several parades take place earlier throughout the North.

In the city; Republicans mark the 1916 Easter Rising with a march through the town centre to St.Patrick's Cemetery. Originally banned from the town centre, the annual parade first took this route in 1991.There are several other smaller events in and around the city at this time as well.

On the other side of the political spectrum the 12th of July is marked by the Orange Order with its annual parades.

The County Armagh Orange demonstration varies for between 11 separate locations but local Orangemen hold parades in the morning and early evening in the city.

Still subject to a Parades Commission ruling the parade was redirected in the mid 90's at the height of the parades disputes in other areas such as Ormeau Road and Garvaghy Road. It now bypasses the Shambles and Banbrook area.

At this time of year many estates host fun days and excursions. Although the dates may vary, they are always a welcome interlude in the school holidays. The West Armagh Consortium helps with several of these events but they primarily managed by the local community groups.