images/2015/ogposter_img09061The weekend of the 27th -28th June sees a weekend of nostalgia hosted by the Pearse Ogs in their social club. Cemetery Sunday falls on the 28th and many people will have travelled home for this annual Mass. It is a time when families come together with in some cases family members travelling  great distances to be a home for this time of year.
Working with local community groups and residents Pearse Og have organised this weekend of nostalgia putting on two nights of entertainment. Both nights entertainment are free but organisers will be forwarding any donations and monies raised by raffles to Cancer Care Charity.
The photographic displays will certainly be an attraction especially for former residents of the areas when they will see pictures of old neighbours and friends, some of whom will sadly have passed away. It should be a good weekend of entertainment open to everyone.
Given population trends of the areas many former residents will have dispersed throughout the town and further afield, these residents are encouraged to come along and enjoy the craic