West Armagh Consortium logo    Slowly Coming Out Off Lockdown

As with every other group WAC is slowly trying to get back to providing services at our facility at Sherry Fields Recreational Centre.  There are a number of classes that have resumed, and others are planning to reopen in the coming weeks/months.

Among classes already reopened are Chair Yoga taking place in Monday mornings. This class is designed for people not suited to more energetic yoga classes

Zumba has moved to Monday evenings, definitely catering for a wee bit more energetic clientele but still within most people’s physical capabilities.

WeightWatchers is back to their Tuesday evening slot. Details of which can be obtained from their website. There are some changes to the format of their meeting that take into account Covid-19 regulations.

They are followed by Kangoo on Tuesday evenings. Definitely for the more energetic. This is a pre book class.

In the coming weeks Wednesday will see the return of Irish dancing classes. 

An additional Zumba class may also be slotted on on Wednesday evening.

Junior Taekwondo has resumed on the Thursday evening. Again, a pre book classes operating within Covid-19 regulations.

A second class of Kangoo takes place on Friday evenings.

Up and coming classes include a return of the Quilters classes to their Wednesday morning slot by October and the resumption of the Pain Management Classes, though that is anticipated to be later in the year.