For the past 10 weeks the Armagh Covid-19 Community Response Group has been operating a help package programme. They have decided that it is now time to access the sitution and hav isued the following statement and have included it in thi weeks help packages.

8th June 2020 LAST WEEK

Dear Recipient, We hope that you and your family are coping well in the current crisis. As a recipient of our help packages you will be aware of the brilliant work of our volunteers in making and distributing these help packages. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that.

This is now our tenth week into this action and have delivered in excess of 1100 packages. The circumstance of most of the families and individuals on our list has thankfully improved since the early days of the crisis which now necessitates that we review our action. We have decided that this will be the last week at we will be making deliveries using our current list. However, should you still fall within the categories that we were using then please contact us and will continue to assist.

Those categories are:

• Loss of income meaning a significant loss of household income due to being made unemployed or a reduction in your ability to earn. This includes people who have been forced to make benefit claims and are waiting within the system for the determination to be made. (This can take 6week+)

• This does not include individuals currently within the benefit system and receiving payments. It is not possible to include everyone on benefits or in receipt of pensions.

• People forced to self-isolate due to health reasons with little or no family support net. (This may not entail a help package but rather our buddy-up system)

• Other extenuating circumstances can be taken into consideration and can be discussed.

It needs to be noted that we will be not be working from our current list so if you feel that you still need our assistance you must contact us through the publicised numbers. 07763818393 or 07759949314.

While there appears to be a relaxing in the current restrictions, it would be premature to assume that the crisis has passed. The Armagh Covid-19 Community Response Group will continue to work to assist people who are suffering hardship due to the pandemic. We will continue to assist for as long as our resources will permit.

Please take care and be safe. Remember to observe the social distancing regulations. Please also observe any new guidelines that may come into effect regarding changes to the lockdown.

Yours Sincerely

The Armagh Covid-19 Community Response Group.