CoVid 19


The growing coronavirus crisis has prompted community groups, sports clubs, businesses, church and some frontline medical groups in Armagh to come together to formulate a community response to this pandemic. At a meeting held in the West Armagh Consortiums' hall on Wednesday night representatives from all these bodies met to discuss the on-going crisis and to see how we as a community can pool resources and put into practise measures that will help the community. An initial course of action undertaken by the group will see the drawing up of a directory of local resources, including volunteers willing to help out, volunteers with skills and expertise that could be of benefit to an agreed action plan. It is expected that that action plan will include assistance to people forced to self-isolate, assistance for our most vulnerable citizens and the distribution of any accumulated materials. That assistance may well include the collections of groceries, or medications and help to replace fuel such as gas cylinders or coal. . It was agreed to coordinate this response through the West Armagh Consortium based at Sherrys Field Recreational Centre. The centre will act as the main focal point for delivery of an agreed action plan. Both the Pearse Og and Harps clubs will serve as drop off points who in turn will feed into the WAC centre. All the groups have agreed to encourage their respective volunteer bases to get involved. The names and essential skills contained within these volunteer bases will be collated together to produce an overall database to cover an even wider area. Assistance that can be delivered by volunteers will be managed through the WAC to maximise effectiveness.

We are asking anyone if they would like to volunteer or help in anyway possible to contact either of the following numbers 028 37522579 or 07763818393 or 07759949314. There will also be a Go Fund Me Page set up on Facebook for anyone wishing to give financial assistance.