Broken glass at sherrys field childrens play park
Some of the glass placed on childrens' play equipment

The West Armagh Consortium is calling on the youths responsible for the deliberate targeting of children’s play equipment to consider the danger that they are putting young children in. It follows several incidents when bottles were smashed in and on play equipment in the children’s play park at Sherry Field Sports Complex.

Speaking for the West Armagh Consortium, Stephen Fields said, “It is clear from the number of times that this has happened and where the bottles have been smashed that it is not the actions of some fling it away vandals. The play equipment itself appears to be the target with glass being deliberated broken in and around as well as on top of equipment. In some cases, this glass appears to be strategically placed where young children would be playing in what can only be assumed is an effort to inflict as must hurt as possible on unsuspecting children. We have pictures of bottles having been broken and placed at the top and bottom of slides.

“These are deplorable acts and even go beyond the wanted destruction of community facilities. The individuals involved in this are deliberating targeting young children. This is an obvious conclusion considering where they are breaking the bottles and, in some cases where the glass is being deliberately placed.

“Thankfully no child has been injured by these acts. The result has been that the park has had to remain closed on several occasions while council staff clean up the glass.

“As community representatives, we would urge these young people to stop this very dangerous and destructive behaviour. We would urge anyone seeing this behaviour to report it to the police, their local community representatives, or both. All it takes is a sliver of glass to remain on a piece of equipment that a child is playing on for them to suffer a very serious cut. And before anyone turns a blind eye, remember that child could be yours.”