We all know that a persons health and well being has a number of factors; diet, positive mental attitude and physical fitness are but some of the ingredients that go into attaining a healthy lifestyle. The consortium will be delivering a physical exercise programme starting on Monday October 29th and running up until Christmas week. The classes that will take place at a local gym (Performance Centre on the Nursery Road) will be tailored to an individuals physical abilities and will consist of three one-hour gym classes held on Mon-Wed and Fri evening.  All the details are contained in the leaflet printed below. The charge of £25 is, as the leaflets points out fully refundable based on attendance of the course. Previous fitness classes have enjoyed a varying level of support which has resulted in people having been turned away at the start of the course only for it to emerge that places signed up for were not filled. The easiest way for anyone interested in signing up for this free series of gym sessions, is to use the usual contact details for the consortium. Alternatively, you can sign up via your local community representative.

Fitness classes at local gym