Cross Cultural Event 030217
John Doogan( HCD&CA)-Quincey Dougan- Roddy Hegarty- Stephen Fields (WAC)

The second event in the Armagh Through Diverse Eyes programme took place in Armagh Orange Hall on Friday 3rd February. The topics for discussion were The Orange Order and The GAA. The speakers Mr.Quncey Dougan and Mr.Roddy Hegarty and  spoke on the topics respectively to an audience of around forty people. There was a brisk engagement during the discussion periods of the evening and all involved agreed that the night was very informative. The third event in the programme takes place on Thursday 16th February in The Market Place. It will be a evening of music and period piece readings. The entrance is free and all are welcome. 

Orange Hall event 030217
Audience at second event in Armagh Diverse Eyes held in Armagh Orange Hall.