Give Blood Save A Life


Have you ever thought you’d like to give blood but just never got round to it? Most people when asked would agree that giving blood in a very a correct and worthwhile thing to do, if only I wasn’t so busy, or if I’d seen the posters in time, or whatever. We all make excuses, sometimes genuinely or sometimes just because we are wary of giving blood. But for whatever reason we all know that it is only when something goes terribly wrong that we fully realise the importance of giving blood, which, unfortunately by that stage is too late.

To that end The West Armagh Consortium has got together with the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NIBTS) to offer people in the town the opportunity to give blood. We are hoping to organise a blood donation session as our premises at Sherry’s Field. For practical reasons NIBTS  required at least 100 new blood donors to make it a feasible option.

Local community representatives are currently encouraging people to uptake this project. If you haven’t already been approached please feel free to contact us directly, either at Sherry’s Field or by phone 07759949314. We urge people to come forward, but anyone coming forward should be prepared to go through with the blood donation. Equally so any community representative collecting names should not try to pressurise someone into signing up. Here is a shocking statistic 94% of people who can give blood do not. Meaning that only 6% are providing this life saving cover for the rest of the population.