Sponsored run/walk 2017 for 50th anniversary Callan Styreet Gas Explosion
Getting ready for the off

There was a tremendous turnout for both the sponsored run and walk held as part of West Armagh Community festival. Several hundred runners and walkers took part in the event that was organised in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Callan Street Gas Explosion. Monies raised went towards the erection of a memorial stone. The other beneficiary of the run/walk is P.I.P.S.

Gas Explosiuon Memorial
Unveiling of memorial to mark the spot of the Callan Street gas Explosion

The following night the memorial stone was unveiled at a short ceremony on the spot where fifty years ago so many people mostly children were badly injured and resulted in the death of five year old Brendan Donnelly.

Sposnored Run walk
And they're off
50th Anniversay Event  Festival 2017
Gerard Donnelly addressing the audience at the 50th anniversary event to mark the Callan Street Gas Explosion.
John Nixon giving the address at the 50th Anniversay Event
John Nixon giving the address at the 50th Anniversary Event