St Patrick’s Day Float Competition,Tuesday 17th March 2015 Win £400, promote your group and join in the fun.

Following the success of last year’s St. Patrick’s Day Procession, Armagh City & District Council invites you to take part in the event next 17 March 2015.
We have a fantastic £400 prize to the best Community float.
March 2014 saw 980 participants take part and with 18,000 spectators, it was a busy high profile event.
Two of the participant groups told us what some of the benefits in taking part were:
Niamh from the Bocce community sports group said “St Patrick’s Day was a great chance for us to raise the group’s profile, tell people what services we deliver and it also helped us gain a few new volunteers.”
Brian, a volunteer from the Rugby youth club said that the street procession, “helped our young people find a way to contribute as some really love to do arts and creative activities. It was also a great networking opportunity and gave our club a positive identity.”
We hope that with your involvement, the procession March 2015 will be even bigger. This in turn would draw more spectators and media so a greater chance to showcase your group’s activities. Wear costumes with your logo on them, include a banner in your float that tells of your services. It can be a walking or vehicle float and the theme is Armagh, Spring into the Future. The procession will start at 11am, Palace grounds and finish at Cathedral Road Centre 2.30pm.

This procession is the closing event of a four-day festival of cultural and family entertainment in Armagh City.


If you would like to enter, please complete the form below and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For further details please contact Majella Flanagan.


Thank you for your attention


Majella Flanagan, Arts Event Officer


St. Patrick’s Day Float Competition

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Community Registration Form

Group Name:             _________________________________________

Contact Name:                     __________________________________________

Address:                                __________________________________________


Tel / Mobile No:                     __________________________________________

Email Address                       __________________________________________                                   

Level of participation - Please circle

Float                /           Walking           /                      Band

Approximate numbers in your group        __________

If a float or in a vehicle have you attached a copy of your insurance?         Yes      /          No

Any other requirements: _____________________________________________________

Food will be served for all participants at Cathedral Road Centre after the event.



THURSDAY 5 Feb, 2015.

  1. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Arts Event Officer, The Market Place Theatre, Market Street ARMAGH BT61 7BW T: 028 3752 1820


Guidelines - In keeping with Armagh City and District Council’s policies, we ask that floats and groups taking part in this event do not display flags, emblems, regalia etc that may be perceived as sectarian, sexist, racist. To do so risks making some event participants and spectators feel excluded or uncomfortable.

Please consider the following when making your float for the event


Armagh City & District Council will need the following from you:


  • A completed booking form above
  • If using a vehicle in the event, a copy of the driver’s licence and a copy of the vehicle’s insurance. Returned by 5 Feb, 2015


If using a trailer, flatbed truck etc ensure that people, especially children and animals who are standing on it are not near the edge.


Please have a barrier eg a rope along the edge of the vehicle to prevent anyone falling off or to act as an aid should anyone fall


Ensure any animals are secured


No items eg sweets, promotional material should be thrown off the vehicle towards the crowd. If this is part of your activity, you might consider having people walk alongside and handing them out to people, this also prevents spectators trying to get too close to your vehicle


Any generators being used for sound or light should be safe and filled with diesel in advance of the event.