The Irish Language

The promotion of the Irish Language is an important aspect of the West Armagh Consortium's aims and objectives. An Teanga Gaeilge has made great strides in Armagh over recent years. There is a thriving and vibrant Irish speaking community in Armagh. Several groups have been responsible for this promotion and in recent years that promotion has been enhanced with the establishment of Cairde Teo who operated An Siopa Cultúr located in Armagh Shopping Mall. Cairde Teo and West Armagh Consortium have worked on several ventures and there are strong links between both groups.

West Armagh Consortium has a position on Cairde Teo who took over the running our Campa Mhacha, an Irish language summer camp operating in July.

The camp was operating out of our premises at Cathedral Road however, this year Cairde Teo opted for The Navan Fort as a venue. Steeped in Gaelic culture this proved to be an ideal venue for Campa Mhacha. Other ventures include the erection of Irish Street signs (in association with Ciorcal Combhrá) and the provision of two annual bursaries for the Gealtacht. These bursaries and now in their third year and it is hoped to increase their value.

The Irish Language is a very important aspect of our culture. Like the other groups mentioned, the West Armagh Consortium is supportive of the promotion of the Irish Language. It is not something to be used in any elitist or divisive manner, it can be and should enjoyed by all.