Community groups should take note that the Supportimg Training and Employment Programmes (STEPS) is set to begin again. STEPS has been delivered by the Southern Regional College for several years now and has a very good success rate for full and part time employment for those who have completed the courses. STEPS provides taining in a wide range of skills. Skills that have proved to be what employers are seeking.In the current difficult employment climate anything that enhances employment opportunities is to be welcomed.
These classes are delivered by the Southern Regional College who in co operation with the Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership Boiard have already been successful in helping a number of local people to find jobs, both with these advertised courses and previous programmes. Anyone wishing to avaid of this training and other course on offer with the SRC shold contact the numbers listed in the poster.Most of these courses can only cater for a limited number so if you are interested, get in touch immediately.
Local community groups also have course application forms and information on the various courses