Pictured with the Southern Regional College instructor are consortium members Stephen Fields, Deckie McGerrigan and Barry McKee who took part in the video training sessions. The West Armagh Consortium is launching a social enterprise project that it is hoped will provide the local community with a valuable service and generate some employment, albeit part-time at the start. The main trust of this project will the An Post Fánach, which translates as The Occasional Job.

However , the video aspect will see the consortium providing a videoing service for such events as football matches, parties, and other informal events. The consortium through funding drawn down from the NRPB Growing Communities Programme have purchased the camera equipment along with the necessary computer and software. This part of the project will go hand in hand with the handyman scheme.

An Post Fánach is a handyman scheme designed to provide the community with an affordable service to deal with small household jobs. Tasks like grass cutting, hedge clipping path hosing and much more will be covered by An Post Fánach. The idea was first muted two years ago and more recently during the consultation process with pensioners in the community the idea was again mentioned. Many pensioners find it difficult to get someone to take on small one off jobs. An Post Fánach aims to address this. However, any social enterprise has to operate along sound business lines. This service will not be a free service and it will also be open to all the community not just the elderly, though special consideration will be given towards pensioners.