Neighbourhood Renewal (NR)

What is NR?

Neighbourhood Renewal is a government programme that deals with every aspect of deprivation within our communities. It is about closing the gap between the quality of life for people in the most deprived neighbourhoods and the rest of society. One seventh of Northern Ireland's population live in seriously deprived parts of our towns and cities and the symptoms of deprivation are easy to identify and understand. People who live in deprived area are much more likely to be out of work or, when they do have jobs, they are likely to be poorly paid.

The economic stresses of unemployment and low incomes are closely linked to social problems such as poor health, low levels of educational achievement and high levels of crime. Economic deprivation also leads to environmental problems, characterised by derelict buildings, undeveloped sites and poor services. People living in the most deprived areas are more likely to depend on public services than the rest of society.

The Armagh Neighbourhood Partnership

The Partnership is an inter-sectorial partnership, tasked with driving the delivery of the Department's ‘People and Place' Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy within Armagh. It comprises of members from the community, voluntary and statutory sector. DSD has central responsibility for driving NR forward however Armagh City District Council are responsible for the implementation of NR in the Armagh area. Other lead statutory agents such as SELB, NIHE, SRC and SHSCT have the responsibility of delivering programmes that address the four interlinking strategic objectives within NR.

What are the 4 NR Strategic Objectives?

Neighbourhood Renewal has four interlinking strategic objectives:

  • Community Renewal – to develop confident communities that are able and committed to improving the quality of life in their areas;

  • Economic Renewal – to develop economic activity in the most deprived neighbourhoods and connect them to the wider urban economy;

  • Social Renewal – to improve social conditions for the people who live in the most deprived neighbourhoods through better co-ordinated public services and the creation of safer environments; and

  • Physical Renewal – to help create attractive, safe, sustainable environments in the most deprived neighbourhoods.

Armagh NR Area

The following social housing areas in Armagh fall within the NR boundaries:

  • Mullacreevie
  • Drumarg
  • Callanbridge
  • Callan Street
  • Drumbreda
  • Railway Street
  • Banbrook
  • Lonsdale Gardens
  • Dalton
  • Daires Willows
  • All housing both public & private in Neighbourhood Renewal Areas

If you would like to know more about Neighbourhood Renewal and how your area could benefit, contact your local NR representative or feel free to speak to any member of the West Armagh Consortium.

NR Publications & Newsletters

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