Could you be a community first responder was the question we asked when this article was first published .To date there have been several people who have expressed an interest in responding to this. Although there wasn't a time frame outlined for the purposes of moving the appeal forward both WAC and REACT have agree to resubmit this appeal via all our social media outlets. It has also been decided to set the end of the month as an interim cut off date, at least for the initial appeal and in order to get those who expressed an interested connected to the CFRAT. Obliviously the recruitment of first responders will be an ongoing process and will continue after this initial promotion.

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Community Frist Responders Armagh Tyrone, based in Dungannon are expanding their service into the Armagh area. The West Armagh Consortium and REACT are jointly promoting this expansion and are using our respective contact lists to encourage a successful recruitment drive.

The purpose of Community First Responders is to provide local medical emergency cover. They operate in under the direction of the ambulance service who screen the emergency calls before they are sent out. The purpose in this is to ensure that CFR does not respond to traumatic emergencies, such as road traffic accidents.

There will be fully first aid and AED training provided to all volunteers. Volunteers will be issued with a emergency medical pack and will be connected to a network of volunteers. There is no specific amount of hours to commit too and all volunteers do have the option of not responding when notified.   

For full details and if you are interested in volunteering please use the contact detail below contacting either REACT, West Armagh Consortium or CFRAT.

Community First Responders