Social Prescribing - Community Approach To Health And Well-Being

What is Social Prescribing? It is a communinty approach to health and well being.SPRING is the Healthy Living Alliances' Social Prescribing Programme being delivered through its network of Healthy Living Centres.The West Armagh Consortium Healthy Living Centre,based at Sherrys Sports Complex is part of that network and where our local SPRING social prescriber is based.Social Prescribing Poster

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Could you be a community first responder was the question we asked when this article was first published .To date there have been several people who have expressed an interest in responding to this. Although there wasn't a time frame outlined for the purposes of moving the appeal forward both WAC and REACT have agree to resubmit this appeal via all our social media outlets. It has also been decided to set the end of the month as an interim cut off date, at least for the initial appeal and in order to get those who expressed an interested connected to the CFRAT. Obliviously the recruitment of first responders will be an ongoing process and will continue after this initial promotion.

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Plans that hope to redevelop the Parochial Hall into a community resource centre have moved in to a second consultation stage. The St.Patrick's Community Resource Centre steering group,which is made up of members of the Parish Counci, NRPB, Church Forum and community representatives are holding a week long consultaion and information sessions in the Synod Hall, St.Patrick's Cathedral in the first week in November. In a poress release the group said

The St Patrick Community Resource Centre Governing Body, is undertaking an extensive consultation process with various community, voluntary and statutory organisations proactively engaged in delivering services to local people in Armagh, during the month of November 2015

 The purpose of the consultation is to build upon the success of the Neighbourhood Renewal feasibility study and options appraisal on a proposed Community Resource Centre in the St Patrick’s Parochial Hall Armagh

 The Governing Body is revisiting the proposal for a Community Resource Centre model and the potential role it may have in supporting the communities and their statutory partners in addressing community, economic, social and environmental issues. The proposed Community Resource Centre would provide space for people living in the Armagh NR areas and other areas of Armagh City & District to access services (prevention, intervention and post-intervention), advice and help, in addition to providing a base for voluntary and statutory sector agencies to make their services more available to local people. Core elements which may be provided from the proposed Community Resource Centre would include:

  • Formal and Informal Education and Learning
  • Health and Wellbeing Programmes and Services
  • Facilitation of Social Economy Activity
  • Support/services for Vulnerable Groups, including young people

 Consultation with the Community and Stakeholders:

Central to the decision making in relation to the proposed Community Resource Centre shall be an extensive consultation process with various community, voluntary and statutory organisations proactively engaged in delivering services to local people in Armagh, who may have a role in the development and implementation of the Community Resource Centre project.

 The Governing Body want to revisit the consultation that was completed during the NR Feasibility Study and Options Appraisal of Dec 2012, establish if the need for such a facility still exists and seek local people’s views and priorities on what such a facility should provide. Based on the feedback, aspirations and priorities of local people, the production of an updated feasibility study document, setting out an evidence-based vision for the resource required.

 The St Patrick Community Resource Centre Governing Body will facilitate the consultation process which will require the input of residents and community based organisations within the NR areas and wider city and district.

 As part of the consultation a number of focus groups/workshops, interviews and public meetings are being hosted during November 2015 in Armagh. The workshops/focus groups shall discuss local needs/facility requirements, look at potential provision of services/facilities, the benefits associated with such a facility, assess levels of future use (via an intention to use form) and articulate a set of aims/objectives for the proposed facility. The outputs from the workshops/focus groups shall inform a quantitative analysis of the prospective need/demand for the Community Resource Centre.

 Louis O’ Neill Chairperson of the St Patrick Community Resource Centre Governing Body said: “I want to urge everyone to take part in the consultation and co-operate as fully as possible, The feedback from this consultation will be essential in producing a comprehensive needs based document for the proposed community resource centre which will assist in providing services that will build a better quality of life for everyone to enjoy within Armagh City and beyond. I hope that this project will meet all the necessary criteria for success and enable communities as a whole to benefit from a proper resource centre. There is an obvious need for such a centre and this is a real opportunity for local people to feed into plans that will help the future of their area”

The St Patrick Community Resource Centre Governing Body welcomes and appreciates any comments/views which will assist in the development of a Community Resource Centre in Armagh.

 It is hope that the feedback from the consultation process will reflect as much as possible the views and priorities of local people, community associations, statutory agencies and sporting organisations. This is a very important exercise and the St Patrick Community Resource Centre Governing Body encourage all residents living in the City and District to participate as we want to hear as many views as possible.

 The St Patrick Community Resource Centre Governing Body requires the overall process to be completed by the 30th Nov 2015. If you are interested in becoming involved in the consultation process and would like to find out more please contact Stephen Field’s, Secretary, St Patrick’s Community Resource Centre Governing Body  Tel: 07759949314 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any member of the St Patrick’s Community Resource Centre Governing Body, who are as follows, Fr Peter Mc Anenly, Art O’ Hagan, Sylvia Mc Roberts, Fiona Kelly, Nora Quigley and Cathy Rafferty

 For further information please contact Stephen Field’s, Secretary, St Patrick’s Community Resource Centre Governing Body Tel: 07759949314 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Armagh Mensshed

The menssheds is originally an Australian concept but one that has blossomed in Ireland. In 2012 the West Armagh Consortium in partnership with CAWT, DSD and NRPB opened the first Armagh Menssheds currently based at the Shambles. With financial assistance the premises in The Coppersmith Entry were furnished and opened in January of 2012.

Again in partnership with CAWT the West Armagh Consortium were successful in applying for a Big Lottery Grant. £373,000 was awarded in June of2012 securing the project for a further four years.

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Neighbourhood Renewal (NR)

What is NR?

Neighbourhood Renewal is a government programme that deals with every aspect of deprivation within our communities. It is about closing the gap between the quality of life for people in the most deprived neighbourhoods and the rest of society. One seventh of Northern Ireland's population live in seriously deprived parts of our towns and cities and the symptoms of deprivation are easy to identify and understand. People who live in deprived area are much more likely to be out of work or, when they do have jobs, they are likely to be poorly paid.

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The spacious hall has an adjoining kitchen. It can easily accommodate meetings, seminars, arts, crafts and educational classes, birthday parties and fitness classesThe first floor at Cathedral Road was refurbished in partnership with, and is managed by the West Armagh Consortium (WAC). This consortium is an affiliation of community groups from the West Armagh area.

WAC aims are:

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Welcome to West Armagh - About Us

Welcome to the West Armagh Consortium's website. We hope that you will find this both interesting and informative. We would like to take this opportunity to give the reader some background to us.

The West Armagh Consortium (WAC) was constituted in November 2002 as a voluntary amalgamation of local community groups from Armagh City West. As a non-sectarian and politically unaffiliated umbrella organisation, the Consortium welcomes affiliations from all new and existing community and voluntary groups in our catchment area. The groups currently affiliated represent districts within the three electoral wards of Abbey Park, Callanbridge and Downs.

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Training & Funding Opportunities

This section is to keep everyone informed as to training and funding opportunities that may be relevant to our various member groups.