• Festivals

    Festivals are an enjoyable addition to the life of a community; they are a welcome break from the sometimes mundane run of the mill routine and offer us the opportunity to let our hair down.
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    Sport plays an important role in the life of a community.
    We have some great facilities and support and encourage all sports for all ages.
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    The promotion of the Irish Language is an important aspect of the West Armagh Consortium's aims and objectives.
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Contact us if you would like your business featured here - Please support our sponsors.

Contact us if you would like your business featured here - Please support our sponsors.

Contact us if you would like your business featured here - Please support our sponsors.

Contact us if you would like your business featured here - Please support our sponsors.

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Welcome to West Armagh - About Us

Welcome to the West Armagh Consortium's website. We hope that you will find this both interesting and informative. We would like to take this opportunity to give the reader some background to us.

The West Armagh Consortium (WAC) was constituted in November 2002 as a voluntary amalgamation of local community groups from Armagh City West. As a non-sectarian and politically unaffiliated umbrella organisation, the Consortium welcomes affiliations from all new and existing community and voluntary groups in our catchment area. The groups currently affiliated represent districts within the three electoral wards of Abbey Park, Callanbridge and Downs.


It is well know that most people who smoke do want to give it up. The health hazzards are well documented and added to that, now is the social aspect for smokers who find it increasingly difficult to find smoking designated areas. The WAC, working with Public Health Agency will be delivering a smoking cessation programme at the WAC Healthy Living Centre , Sherry Field Recreational Centre.This is an update on a prevous programme originally planned last year  which unfortnately could not be delivered at that time. The programme will consist of a workshop encouraging participants to adopt a programme for non-smoking that will be followed up with secondary meetings to chart progress. The frequency of those meetings will be determined at the initial meeting of the participants.

If you are interested in taking part in this programme contact Nora at the WAC office or Stephen on 07759949314.The health benefits of giving up the 'dreaded weed' are increasingly complemented by the financial benefits, that improve with every increase in tobacco taxation.

non smoking


Latest News

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    Update for volunteers on Covid-19 Armagh Community Response Group Continuing to assist with supplying medical staff with PPEs. Among those Read More
  • Covid-19 Update Volunteer Update 31-03-20 +

     Update for volunteers on Covid-19 Armagh Community Response Group There are 20+ seamstresses ready to work from home on the Read More
  • Covid-19 Volunteer Update +

    Welcome to what effectively will be our notice board that will act as an update for the volunteers who have Read More
  • Covid-19 Community Response +

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  • Housing Executive Reduced Contact... Covid-19 +

    The Housing Executive have been in touch to pass on information on how they will be operating during this Covid-19 Read More
  • Covid-19 Community Response.Volunteers Needed. +

    If you would like to volunteer to help out during the Covid-19 crisis and get involved in the community response. Read More
  • Community Response To The Growing CoVid-19 Crisis +

    PICTURED AT THE COMMUNITY RESPONSE MEETING ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT The growing coronavirus crisis has prompted community groups, sports clubs, businesses, Read More

    The West Armagh Cosortium will be offering a free counselling service starting in early January. Counselling covers a wide range Read More
  • Closure of Breast Cancer Unit at Craigavon highlighted +

    The audience attending the meeting to discuss the closure of the Breast Cancer Clinic at Craigavon Hospital. There was a Read More

    There was a wee grey toy rabbit lost during Sundays parade. It was lost around the Charlemount area. It is Read More
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