As part of Men's Health Week, there will be a health event held in our function hall in Sherry's Field Recreational Centre on Wednesday 13th June. Come along and get free 'health MoT'. For details see poster below.



In a follow up to our 7 Hills Challenge last November/December we are organising the Armagh Parks Experience that will commence on Saturday 26th May.
In a slight change to the format ,this event will take place over five  sessions taking in parks in and around Armagh. Starting off with the Demesne on Saturday 26th it will also take in Navan, Segahan, Gosford and finishing off with an historical walk that will also include refreshments


There are a limited number of place available for this so we would encourage people to book early. As with our previous challenge the walking guide will be John Fields. You can register through the usual consortium number or email. Tel; 07759949314 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

7 Hills Walking Challenge Get Underway

seven hills walkers in West Armagh Consortium programme
The 7 Hills Challenge walkers with the official mascot Uisce Beatha

The first walk in the 7 Hills Walking Challenge took place on Saturday morning. 14 walkers set off on a route around the town as part of the practise walks for the 7 hills challenge on December 16th. The programme has been organised by the West Armagh Consortium and it is designed to appeal to people who would not consider themselves particularly physically active. The proposed routes of the practise walks will visit sites that people may well pass by on a daily basis , such as river walks ,St. Patricks Well and Demesne to name a few.
The groups are a cross section of the community with a varying range of ages and they appear to have adopted former Lord Mayor Cathy Rafferty's dog Uisce Beatha as their mascot. Uisce Beatha means water of life, more commonly referred to as whiskey. Perhaps a few uisce beatha were enjoyed after the walk, but that's different story.
The walk leader, Mr. John Fields stressed that the programme will consist of leisurely, yet focussed walks that will respond to everyone capabilities. Speaking before the off on Saturday Stephen Fields (WAC)  welcomed all the participants saying  that “The object of the programme was to encourage physical activity and in turn promote healthy lifestyles. It is also hoped that the walks will give people a better appreciation of our own town, places that  locals sometimes take for granted.”
The remaining walks will take place on subsequent Saturdays and will finish off on Saturday 16th December with the full 7 Hills Challenge. There has always been a debate regarding where the seven hills actually are. However to diffuse this potential bone of contention, the organisers has decreed that anyone who can identify an eighth hill or indeed an alternative hill can climb that one as well


Weekend of nostalgia

images/2015/ogposter_img09061The weekend of the 27th -28th June sees a weekend of nostalgia hosted by the Pearse Ogs in their social club. Cemetery Sunday falls on the 28th and many people will have travelled home for this annual Mass. It is a time when families come together with in some cases family members travelling  great distances to be a home for this time of year.
Working with local community groups and residents Pearse Og have organised this weekend of nostalgia putting on two nights of entertainment. Both nights entertainment are free but organisers will be forwarding any donations and monies raised by raffles to Cancer Care Charity.
The photographic displays will certainly be an attraction especially for former residents of the areas when they will see pictures of old neighbours and friends, some of whom will sadly have passed away. It should be a good weekend of entertainment open to everyone.
Given population trends of the areas many former residents will have dispersed throughout the town and further afield, these residents are encouraged to come along and enjoy the craic 

Living Well Volunteering Health Fair takes place

The Living Well Volunteer and Health Fair took place on January 29th as scheduled. There were very informative stalls from a wide range of groups offering advice on everything from physical and mental well being to personal security and volunteering opportunities. Despite the inclement, although some would say seasonal weather the event offered an excellent opportunity for networking among the various groups that participated. Although the snow certainly kept some away those that called in found it very useful and informative.






Eight week multi sport and good relations programme running every Tuesday evening, starting January 27th 2015 at Lisanally Youth Centre. The age group is 12- 14 years olds and as well as sporting activities there will a chance to visit a premier league football club in England.

Aimed specifically at young teenagers it encourages good community relations through the medium of sport. Any groups interested in promoting this in their areas, all necessary contact information is contained within the poster. Click on  READ MORE


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The Marching Season

Easter Parade Armagh CityEaster sees what is referred to as the start of the marching season, although several parades take place earlier throughout the North.

In the city; Republicans mark the 1916 Easter Rising with a march through the town centre to St.Patrick's Cemetery. Originally banned from the town centre, the annual parade first took this route in 1991.There are several other smaller events in and around the city at this time as well.

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Navan Fort ArmaghHalloween or Oíche Shamhna to give it its, Irish name has always been celebrated in the town. The tradition of pranks, ghost stories and traditional games have always been part of people's lives. Apple tarts and pies laced with small surprises, dressing up and of course ghoulish pranks have always featured. In recent years the council has organised a series of events at the Navan Fort / Emain Macha, including a fireworks display.

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